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Welcome to the Everything page. Hope you find something you can use here. Please bookmark this page as it will be updated often

Tips & Tricks for Windows 95 - Download Tips & Tricks for Windows 95.

Web speed - Reduce image file size by up to 95% Select the fastest format - GIF, JPEG, or PNG Re-size up or down without loss of image quality.

The itList - The Web's first online bookmark manager. Are you tired of having one set of bookmarks at the office and another at home? Or maybe you're at a friend's house and want to show him or her a killer site you saw, but you can't remember the site's address. itList puts your bookmarks where you can always access them.

WebCards - At this pioneering service, you can choose an Internet-based greeting card from one of many selections to send to your acquaintances over the Web. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and love notes, or just to say "Hi." If you have your own Web site, you can add this service to your page. In doing so, the service resides on WebCards' servers, but can be customized to have the same look and feel as your own site.

Free Internet Server Monitor Service - This service will check your Web site, FTP site, E-mail address, etc. every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, to make sure they're up and functioning. Notification E-mail including error messages will be sent to you as needed.

Jurassic Punk - There's many sites on the Web where you can get free video clips and movie trailers. But Jurassic Punk is the only one you need to bother bookmarking. This massive, hugely-popular site offers clips from every significant silver screen release. So download a few clips here and then play them back with this free screen saver utility.

WinTune 98 - Get a free computer on-line check-up with this nifty service (Note: only Internet Explorer users can use use it). WinTune 98 lets you test your PC's performance by simply clicking through a series of Web pages. If WinTune detects serious configuration or performance problems, it will describe the problem right on the Web page. Once you have completed the tests, you can compare your results to those of similar systems in the site's database.

Free Templates for your Web site - You don't have to put a lot of work into having a great-looking Web page---Web Diner does the work for you! Just download some of the cool templates offered here. Various themes are offered, including Halloween-themed designs. If you use them, they ask that you provide a link back to their site.

M*SPOT - Are you into multimedia? Then click over to this outstanding site right away that deals with all facets of free multimedia goodies. Areas include free 3D tools, free multimedia software, free fonts, free Java, and much more.

Inspector Web - If you run a Web site, you've no doubt run into the problem of keeping your links current. If this has been a hassle for you, check out this site, which offers a free service to check your site's URLs. After checking your links, (up to 800 under the free service) Inspector Web creates an HTML report, and notifies you by E-mail. - This is a revolutionary new service to help you analyze your Web traffic. It tells you how long people have viewed your site. (helpful if you're wondering if people are just whizzing by your site or are spending significant time there).

Internet Traffic Report - Why is the Net so slow today, you may be wondering? Click over to this site and get the details. Find out if the bottleneck is just in your area or global. The Internet Traffic Report measures the performance of major Internet routers around the world hourly.

WebPromote's Meta tag builder - If you have a Web site, then you need to have "Meta tags" on your page to get the best placement on the search engines. This free service will build optimized Meta tags for you, based on the details of your site that you provide.

Free Code - Lots of coding goodies here that are written in C/C++, Java, Perl or Visual Basic that are compatible with Unix and/or Windows. Categories include CGI, chat, E-mail forms, HTML, Internet protocols, online applications, user interface components and Web hosting tools.

#1 MVP's Command Center - If you're into games, then check out this cool site for lots of goodies (both freeware and fully playable shareware). Free games here include such classics as cribbage, hearts, spades and euchre.

Classic Entertainment Online - Bored? Then click over to this cool free game service and sign up to play online versions of classic games like cribbage, hearts, spades and euchre.

ForFree's free Majordomo mailing list service - This service is offering free Majordomo mailing list services. A mailing list is a great way to efficiently get your message out to many people at once, whether they're clients of your company or just a circle of friends. WWW Chat - This service is offering free chat rooms. Adding a chat room to your Web site is free and simple. There's nothing to download and there are no CGI programs to configure. To create your free chat room, visit their site and answer a few questions, and your chat room will be ready to go within minutes.

Dream Catchers CGI Scripts - Great resource for freeware CGI scripts. These CGI scripts are made available to Web designers, servers, programmers, and anyone else who can find a use for them free of charge by Dream Catchers Technologies, Inc. Scripts include a message board, menu, advertiser tracking, counter, guestbook, rotating link, etc.

jav E link - A useful new site, javElink offers a Web page change monitoring service. The first 20 pages are free. With javElink, you can check on pages in a few seconds; monitor how much a specific page is changing; link directly to pages that contain new information and know daily whether your favorite Web pages have changed.

Recommend-It.Com - This service offers a good way for you to build traffic on your Web site. Just sign up and then you may place their link on your Web site. When your visitors click on that link, they can quickly and easily recommend your site to their friends.

Inside the Web Free Message Boards - This service allows you to quickly and easily set up a free interactive message board for your Web site. You also are allowed to administer your board (delete messages, set options, etc.) You don't need CGI access----all you have to do is sign up!

Matt's Script Archive - If you have CGI access with your Unix Web hoster, then you should check out this essential site that offers tons of free C++ and Perl CGI scripts. There's a lot of neat goodies here to spice up your Web site, including a message board, a search engine, a counter, a "free-for-all" links page, a form mailer, an HTTP cookie library, a random image displayer, a random image generator, a text clock and much more.

Come.To - A Web page URL redirection service that lets you have a nifty, short, easy-to-remember Web site address such as This service is free, provided that you place their icon on your page. Note: once in a while, their service goes down briefly, which can result in lost traffic for you.

WebFront - A free Web page URL redirection service where you can change the redirected destination online. Better than that, you can also make it your permanent home page, and with the short and easy to remember Web address, your friends will never complain again.

3-D For Free - Have you ever wondered what your favorite photos would look like in 3-D? With this service, you can find out! Just send them your picture files and they'll render them in 3-D. Now all you have to do is find some blue & red 3-D glasses!(Any Walgreens I think)

Free Scanning Service - CyberScans is offering a free scanning service. Just fill in their order form and your photo will be scanned and posted within two working days and the location of your scanned photo will be E-mailed to you. A place to get free books which are "raffled off." All you need to do is select the book, click on the title to go to the signup page, and enter to win.

123Greetings - This site lets you send a personalized greeting card. More than 100 occasions & 500 different cards online. You can send pizzas, kisses, hugs, smiles & flowers. And if you run a Web site, this site allows you to easily create your own greeting card site for free---something that can help boost visitors!

Swingout's Free Forum Networks - This site is offering free forums and bulletin boards.

Free Web calendars - This service is offering free Web calendars to non-homophobic community groups who wish to publicize local events.

Software training courses - This site offers free downloads of over 25 computer training courses (over 3,500 pages worth!) Topics covered include operating systems, Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint and Lotus applications. These may be viewed, downloaded and printed in their entirety, and range from a simple introduction to DOS and personal computers to a 500 page technical `Supporting Windows' course.

Coollist - A one-of-a-kind service, Coollist is a Web-based system that allows users to create free mailing lists on the Coollist server. The Coollist system is easy to use and is accessible from anywhere in the world. Even when you are not on your own PC. This is the only free service of its kind on the Net that I've seen, which offsets the two complaints I've heard about Coollist: that service can be slow at times and sometimes your messages will be sent out more than once.

HeadHunter.NET -Useful employment site that offers free service. Claims to be bigger than Monster Board. Posting and searching jobs and resumes is free. HeadHunter.NET will even cross-post listings to Usenet, all for no charge.

The Profile Place - This site offers a service in which anyone with an E-mail address can make a free online profile, complete with pictures and more.

Free legal forms and agreements - This site offers free forms ranging from contracts and will that you can print out and use.

Unix Shell providers - This site offers a number of free Unix Shell providers.

Virtual Colony - Great collection of free sounds and MIDI files for your Web pages and computer (PCs, Macs and Sun/Next files included). User MIDI primer, as well. (Linkback required)

VisitWeb - Free URL redirection service that alleviates the need for potential visitors to your site having to remember long and exacting URL's. Visitors can use easy-to-remember words and phrases as pointers to your site.

PriceScan - A free service that takes the hassle out of finding the best price on thousands of computer hardware and software products. PriceScan shows you the vendor with the lowest price plus other vendors' prices.

Did-It Detectives Search Engine - Useful service that keeps you informed about your Web site's submission status by checking the major search sites to see if it has been indexed. If you're trying to promote your Web site, this useful service can save you a lot of legwork.

Themes 'n Schemes - Great site for free Win 95 Themes. And no, you don't need Microsoft Plus! to use these themes as there's a great shareware program called Desktop Themes (a 100K file) that'll install themes on your system, which you can get here.

URL-Minder - Your own personal Web robot - This site will retrieve your registered Web resources on a regular basis and report back to you by E-mail whenever one of them changes.

Send five free faxes anywhere in the world

Short Circuit Electronics - Click over to this site to get free advice on VCR repair. They can also help you get a good estimate of what it'll cost to fix and how you can avoid getting ripped off.

Tuggy Crafts - Into crafts? Then check out this site, which offers free craft patterns (counted cross stitching and fillet crochet patterns).

A List of Free Open NNTP Usenet Servers

Free Fax service. - Not sure how much longer this service will be around---it allows you to send a free fax within a certain covered area.

Faxaway - Give these people your E-mail address and you'll be able to take a "test drive" of their service (i.e., send a free fax).

Just 'n' Case Cartoons - This site offers free "G" rated cartoons for use on homepages, newsletters, brochures etc. Wonder what a 'G' rated cartoon is?

Psychichoice - This site offers a number of goodies, including a free "Harmony Package," which consists of a free bookmark, incense and an inspirational poem suitable for framing. The site also offers a free New Age Newsletter and gives away free readings and Tarot decks in monthly drawings. For the New Age person(???)

Conmeg Freeware Games - Great freeware games for Win 95, including Bubble Puzzle `97

Center of the Universe - For a limited time, these folks are offering a free scan. Just send `em a photo; they'll scan it and E-mail it to you.

MIDI service - Get free MIDI music files for your Web page just by doing a simple cut & paste.

Free telephone bill audit - If you have long distance calls totaling $150 or more (not including taxes) you can get a free telephone bill audit at this site.

Dreamtime - This site is offering a free online numerology reading.

SoundCentral - If you'd like to spice up your desktop (or your Web site) with sounds, this is the place to go. This site offers tons of free WAV and MIDI sound files, keyboard samples, audio programs for all platforms. As long as you're going to be downloading some sounds, you might as well grab yourself a copy of the free utility program called 16 Tons. This program runs as an icon, and it will play your WAV and MIDI files that you drag and drop on it.

Tiger Map Server - Create and download a free map. Highly customizable.

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