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Hi and welcome to my favorite links page. My tastes are a bit eclectic, but I hope you find something that you enjoy. Please bookmark this page as I update it often. best horoscope site by far

Interactive Illusions--Some of the most amazing illusions, both drawn and interactive. prizes. You can play daily to win.

Playsite--Games and things. Recommended by PC WORLD

Virtual cards--A great site to get that hard to find virtual card FREE!!! International cards as well as musical, Holiday, Seasonal.

The Virtual Florist--You can even send REAL Flowers/Bouquets from here...but the virtual ones are Free!

Rene's Virtual Flowers--Another great site for virtual flowers. This one has a more romantic look. Free!

News of the Weird!--Ever wonder what kinds of people make the world go around? Or how some people just don't fit in? Well these people aren't the ones :). Great place for a laugh at some of the most bizzarre (true) stories taken from the worlds headlines (and maybe some back pages too).

Virtual manager--Wonder where your corporate boss comes up with some of his ideas? Check out this site!

Virtual Hugs 'n Kisses--Like the Virtual Flowers, you can send a kiss or a hug to anyone for free!

Jokes ya like trivia, this is the place to go.

LOGIC--Those hard to figure out puzzles. Not just a brain teaser...but sometimes a headache giver :)(jus kidding). Some of this stuff is DIFFICULT, with a capital DIFFICULT!

Stick figure death theatre--What else is there left to say????

Funny Ha-Ha --Great jokes and short videos, avi's and mpegs.

maxim magazine--This is one of the best magazines I've ever read. These writers seem to enjoy their jobs!!! Can get a bit chauvanistic sometimes...but done with tongue in cheek(aka foot-in-mouth disease) but the female writers get even also!