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Welcome to the Free E-Mail links page. Hope you find something you like here.

GeoCities -This service offered by GeoCities gives you a free home page, 6 megs of space and a free E-mail account.

HoTMaiL - A very popular (over 5 million users) free Web-based E-mail service that's supported by advertising. HoTMail offers mail filtering that allows you to direct mail into folders and gives you the ability to check up to four POP accounts at once. You can add up to 20 recipients per message. HoTMail also offers a nice address book.

MailCity - Outstanding new free E-mail service. Features easy user interface, folders to organize your mail, unlimited mailbox size, MIME file attachments, a good address book and an interesting auto-response feature to deliver replies when you're on vacation.

Net@ddress - This service offers you a permanent E-mail address that never changes--even if you change Internet Service Providers. This service lets you send and retrieve E-mail through your browser. If you donít want to read your E-mail through the Web, you can use your favorite POP3 (thatís technical talk for Post Office Protocol) mail client (such as Netscape Mail, Eudora, etc.) to retrieve your stored mail from Net@ddress.

InfoBeat - Get personalized news sent to you via E-mail. Many categories, including finance, sports, ski snow reports, entertainment, weather and reminders. Formerly known as Mercury Mail.

Auto.sig E-mail signature generator - This service generates personalized, lite-byte graphical signatures for use in E-mail. They also provide specialized signature generators for corporations that want to create a consistent signature style for their employees.

Postmaster - This service bills itself as "Europe's first free E-mail service." - This is a new free E-mail service for Portuguese speakers. It allows you to access your personal E-mail from any Net-connected computer:

Yahoo! Mail - Now Yahoo! has gotten into the free E-mail business. Yahoo! Mail allows you to access your personal E-mail from any Net-connected computer: in offices, homes, libraries, anywhere. This service offers a number of features and lets you: organize mail into folders, search & filter your mail, attach files, create an address book, etc.

MailExcite - Free Web-based E-mail, available through any Internet connection -- anytime, anywhere.

Lycos E-mail - The popular search engine Lycos has gotten in on the free E-mail act. Here, you can access your own private E-mail account from any computer worldwide.

Crosswinds Internet Communications - Sign up for your free E-mail account. "Real" and forwarded E-mail supported. This service may not be used to send spam, or mailing lists, however, other commercial purposes are allowed, as long as they are not for mass mailing purposes.

My Own Email - This service offers over 200 personalized domain names to choose from. Domains include:,,,, and many more. Also, you can check your new address from the Web or have it forwarded to an existing address.

GoPlay E-mail - This excellent site offers easy-to-use and fast Web-based free E-mail service.

Copacabana E-mail - Another free E-mail service, offered by a Brazilian company.

Free Mail (from the Netherlands) - FreeMail is een gratis e-mail adres op Internet. Het is gebaseerd op het principe dat de toegankelijkheid eenvoudig moet zijn en mogelijk gemaakt moet worden voor elke computer met een aansluiting op het World Wide Web.

Bigfoot - Among the services that Bigfoot offers are: A free, lifetime, E-mail address; customized E-mail delivery; E-mail control and functionality and a way to "Just Say No!" to junk E-mail. Bigfoot has recently begun offering new features such as free autoresponders (E-mails that are automatically sent to your visitors in your absense) and reminder services, to remind you of birthdays, appointments, etc.

RocketMail - Free Web-based, globally accessible E-mail service. Many features, including spell checking, multimedia attachments, remote mail account (POP) access, HTML support and signature blocks. Each account gets 3 megs of storage space. If your box starts to get full, RocketMail will send you warning messages. RocketMail offers a nice, speedy interface that integrates into the comprehensive Four11 directory service.

Juno - Juno provides E-mail service to anyone with access to a personal computer and a modem, and it provides this service at no cost to its members. To take advantage of the free service, members just have to install on their computers a software package developed by Juno available here

OakNet automated E-mail services. - This company provides stuff like free announcement lists, listservs and autoresponders for your company or organization.

NetForward - A free, permanent, portable E-mail service. With this service, you will never go through the hassles of changing your address with your friends and family, business associates, etc.

Pobox - This site offers a one month free trial of their various E-mail services, which include lifetime E-mail address, junk mail protection, mailbomb protection, mail sorting and more.
Supernews - Another free E-mail service that offers some nifty options such as fax forwarding, pager notification, multiple account management, etc.

Cool List - - This service was out of commission for a while, but is back (as of Aug. 7, 1997). They offer free Web-based mailing lists that are easy to set up. This one-of-a-kind service does have its problems, though. It's often too slow and at times you might find your messages don't get sent out.

Dummies Daily - Sign up for this service and get a helpful tip E-mailed to you every day on the computer related topic of your choice: Searching the Web, Microsoft Word '97, Microsoft Excel '97, The Internet, Computing Basics, Web After Five and Quicken. From the folks who brought you the "Dummies" series of reference books.

Never Forget - Never forget another important date with this free service. Just type in the holidays and special events you want to be reminded of and get an E-mail reminder sent to you.

NetForward - A service that automatically forwards your E-mail wherever you tell it.

iName - iName: similar to the above.

VisitWeb - This service offers free E-mail forwarding and browser sensitive URL redirection.

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