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According to the May issue of PC WORLD© the following sites are the BEST OF the FREE sites to get freeware and shareware downloads.


No Nags-NONAGS is one of the largest FREEWARE/SHAREWARE sites.The best place to find 32-bit software for the Windows platform. But most important..."Nonags is as close to true freedom as you can get."Washington Post 7/31/96

Fileworld-This may be your best bet to get freeware or shareware. This site is constantly monitered to give you the most up to date information and tools for your PC.

Tucows-The Ultimate Collection Of Wimsock Software is a favorite of mine. This is where I have acquired most of my editing tools and paint programs. I did check out the mirror sites on NONAGS and they are just as comprehensive as the Tucows site.

Symantec-For you computer people that like beta versions, this might be the site for you.You've come to the right place. This site allows you to download trial software, as well as free full product versions!

Media Builder-For those serious enough to build that perfect website."If you are building a website, creating a multimedia presentation, or designing a new graphical interface, we have all the materials you need. Our Image Library is one of the biggest on the Internet, and you won’t find a better collection of software downloads anywhere else."(quote taken from the page)

ShockWave-Most everyone is raving about this product.

Dragon Tech-Got REAL PLAYER? This site allows you to tune into different stations using your RA gizmo.

Microsoft Powertoys

Microsoft Kerneltoys

Conitech-A place to find new or old drivers

Register it-Meaning your Web Pages. Registers it with 100 search engines.

Quarterdeck-Quarterdeck Corporation is a global leader in the development and marketing of PC helpware – software specifically designed to prevent and solve PC performance problems, especially those encountered in networked--Internet--environments

File Pile - access to all of Exec-PC's free and shareware files through the world wide web. - searchable shareware database of software files from CNET, the computer network.

ZD Net Software Library - top rated shareware.

100 Shareware Links - offers shareware, freeware and beta software to download. Updated daily.

Albert's Ambry - Use our free search engine to find and download shareware, software, games and utilities. When you find what you like we will electronically deliver it to you.

Alkaid Software - collection of DOS shareware and freeware and links to software sites for all major PC platforms.

atOnce Software

BB Shareware.Com - developing various types of shareware applications.

Benchmark Comparison Lists

Benchmark Programs - includes 3d-Bench and other benchmark programs for DOS and Windows.

Best Free Internet Software, The - free Internet software. No shareware, demos or commercial software.

BMT Micro - registration site for over thirty OS/2 shareware applications and utilities

Bookmark Utilities - programs that help manage and merge Netscape and Microsoft Explorer bookmarks for Windows, Macintosh and OS/2.

Breezin Software - developing various types of freeware programs.

Clicked Shareware Gallery - top shareware apps in all major categories; download for free what you need to survive on the net.

Custom Textures

CyberSpace II - cracks, serials & FTP - come and get it.

Daily Double Download - from Yahoo! Internet Life. A download a day keeps the doldrums away.

DemoNet - browse an ever expanding library of software titles and download demonstration versions. - a shareware directory from CNET.

Download.Net - from classic arcade games, to the lastest games. also a comprehensive winsock section, desktop application section and internet utilities.

Dr. Download - he's got the cure for the common code!

DrMushRm's Shareware Depot - collection of shareware games and utilities for DOS, Windows 3.1X and Windows95.

File Mine - search and browse for downloadable files.

  • FileDudes - download software based on your operating system. - offering shareware.

    Filez - search page with an index of over 60 million files and all the popular corporate and shareware sites.

    Free Software Shack

    Garbo Anonymous FTP Archive

    Ginosoft MIDI Software - multimedia editors available for download.

    Good Guy's Shack - software programs, utilities, QuickBASIC, opinions, etc.

    Helper Applications Catalog - compiled archive of great helper applications for surfing the net. I have both Mac and Windows software.

    James Carr Shareware for PowerBBS - shareware collection of add-ons for PowerBBS. - promotes Java through sharing resources.

    Jumbo! - searchable database including freeware and shareware for Windows, DOS, Mac, OS/2, and Unix.

    Justin Weber's Computing Center - Windows95/98/NT/3.1, DOS, MacOS, and OS/2 support, software, information, and tips.

    Kirk Bauer's Shareware - Some shareware, mostly freeware, Games/Programs, More!!

    Kishore's Shareware Page

    Knopf, Jim - aka Jim Button - The Father of Shareware

    Latest Utility Shareware for Windows 95/NT

    MicroZen's Shareware Registration Services

    My Shareware Page - carries sharewares and freewares for Windows 95 and NT.

    Netware Utilities

    OS/2 Shareware Collection - Some OS/2 Warp optimized applications and system utilities.

    OS2Ware - download any software ever made for OS/2 Warp that has been released for general download.

    Pass The Shareware Please - The easiest way to quality shareware sites on the Internet! Also the most entertaining! Features a showcased "Shareware Site of the Week."

    QuickStar Fax Pro - send faxes and personalized fax broadcasting fast and easy from your PC. - programs have screenshots, reviews and author info. Threaded discussion area. All programs are on servers to assure fast, complete download.

    Sander's KeyScreen Previewer

    SDN International

    ShareIt! - professional shareware registration service.

    SharePaper - informative no nonsense magazine about shareware.

    Shareware Central - download some shareware titles and to be in direct contact with the authors. Shareware authors will soon be able to list their programs.

    Shareware Junkies.Com - shareware evaluations.

    Shareware Mall - online and offline computer entertainment and resources.

    Shareware Shop - includes shareware reviews, listings, giveaways, a newsletter, and more.

    Shareware Sites Listings

    Shareware von Soeren Balko - Enthaelt Shareware von Soeren Balko

    Silicon Alley - Idiosyncratic shareware & freeware for PCs. Also math & physics FAQs and help for HTML authors.

    SlaughterHouse, The - updated daily.

    Snake-Byte Inc. - DOS/WIN/OS2 programs for people who LOVE the Dallas Cowboys.

    SoftLock SoftShop - Shareware and other assorted goodies. Online shop for electronically distributed software and books using the unique SoftLock system.

    SoftSeek - shareware, freeware, software reviews and more.

    Software Den, The - a freeware and shareware website.

    Software Labs - Every Program thoroughly tested, fully-functional, easily installed, technical support, screen shots and more!

    Software Perspectives - Provides product support and information as well as the latest versions of software.

    Software Site, The - A comprehensive listing of shareware for PCs. Includes descriptions, reviews, screen-dumps, etc.

    Software USA - provides shareware downloading and monthly CD-ROM with over 50 top shareware programs.

    Softword Technology - specializing in Bible and Educational shareware.

  • Sounds English - guide to Macintosh shareware for English language learners and teachers. Shareware reviews with sample screenshots and download links.

    STAR's Shareware

    Stormy Weather SoftWare - developing marine navigation shareware dealing with astronomy, ocean tides, morse code training, and yacht race results.

    TOAO HQ - free software from Java feedback forms to Java search engines; all distributed as freeware.

    Top Level Software Products Unlimited - free software and shareware for Windows, Windows 95, Windows NT, UNIX and other operating systems.
  • Total Net - GFX, animated gifs and useful files for internet users.

    Travis' Best Shareware PC Programs - Links to the best shareware programs available for the PC. Graphics, Internet, and other miscellaneous programs are included for DOS, Windows, and Windows 95 platforms!

    Trialz Shareware Central - shareware and freeware titles available for download in several different categories.

    Tudogs - free software and services reviewed and graded. Includes clipart, animation, webtools, games, windows, music, web design, education, and special recipes. Specializes in Gratis software.

    Ultimate Software

    Washington University FTP Archive

    WellsCom - features: Contract Bridge (card game), PcDesk (memo calendar), Read (text editor) and Plotter (data plotting and analysis).

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