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Things!--Cool Things (Animated stuff for your homepages). You have to have the "ThingViewer" to see them, you can download it for free here.

GIF Wizard -GIF Wizard. This free service allows you to quickly reduce the size of your page's graphics, so they'll load faster. GIF Wizard recently become a for-pay commercial service, but they still offer a nice basic service for FREE. Also, you can sign up for a short trial to get a taste of their full-fledged services. If you're a Webmaster, sign up for their referral program to earn free "tokens" for using their commercial service.

Christmas Clipart - Great collection of Yuletide-related graphics goodies. There's icons, larger images, bars & lines and plenty more to give your Web site or graphics presentation that festive look.

Billy Bear's Christmas Clipart - Nice collection of Christmas graphics, including icons, lines, animations and much more.

Free Christmas Clipart - Five pages of various images that are intended for personal use.

ScreamDesign- Andy Evans' resources for free and original GIF animations, buttons and backgrounds, as well as Photoshop & HTML tips. A mind-blowing site, with some of the most creative art we've seen anywhere.

NVR BorderMania free filters - This site offers free plug-in filters for graphics editing programs including the popular shareware program, Paint Shop Pro. All of these filters are designed to create a variety of basic borders around images and are particularly well suited to creating buttons for Web pages.

Web Graphics on a Budget - A helpful site that offers tuturials on using Paint Shop Pro. Learn how to make backgrounds, fancy text, buttons, frames for graphics and more, just like the pros.

Octagamm's Ball Boutique - A good resource for spheres, orbs, round things, alphabets, backgrounds and free graphics of all sorts. Intended for use in noncommercial pages.

Xoom Web Clip Empire - Over 50,000 free animated GIFs, buttons, bullets, backgrounds, textures, 3D-icons, photos, sound effects, music clips, and vector clips (EPS and WM).

netCREATORS Icon Page - Featuring over 120 animated GIFs, and a total of 570 images. Categories include 3D objects, cartoons, "Under Construction" icons, page dividers, E-mail icons, text animations, human-related icons, backgrounds, balls, bars and much more.

Free Web Graphics by Pam Bytes - This site has a big collection of free and ORIGINAL Web graphics and is constantly updated. Here you will find backgrounds, buttons, texture fills, banners, page themes and border patterns. Currently there are over 1000 images. There's also tuturials on topics such as "How to add text to buttons with Paint Shop Pro."

Animation Library - Nice animation collection that includes bars & lines, bullets, cats & kittens, dogs, computers, counters, E-mail icons, smiling faces, under construction signs, the word "New," and welcome signs and more.

Free Backgrounds - Lots of great backgrounds here from the talented Renee. They're 256 x 256 pixels in size and are in JPG format.

Sulfar Art - Nice graphics site. Ask them about getting a free custom-made graphic.

Animation Factory - Over 3,000 original 3D animated GIF files here. These graphics are available for free for use on noncommercial Web pages. An excellent collection.

Frank's Free Banners - If you've signed up for a banner exchange, then stop by and see Frank about getting a free banner design. He's made over 1,000 banners for Link Exchange members over the past six months.

Designer Originals Graphics - Artist Linda serves up many nice coordinated graphics sets in different color variations as well as sets for kids. There's also have a border and tiled background section.

Aviation Animation - If you're interested in animated graphics with aviation themes, this is the place to go.

Bloomin' Banners - Make a request to these guys and they'll design a free custom banner for your company. If you're signed up with a banner exchange, then check in with this site.

Springo Graphics - This site offers free custom-made and downloadable graphics.

CyberGraphics - This Canadian site contains free original graphics, backgrounds, banners and a search page. There's also graphics help & tips, color codes and more. Everything is free to use by anyone, as long as they mention the site or add a link to the site.

GIF-Pile - Many graphics goodies, including animation, backgrounds, banners, buttons, lines, color guides, clip art, counters, design & style, fonts, icons and "Just for Kids."

Top 150 Animated GIFs - Categorized list of many cool animated images for your Web page.

Art-Official - Get 3D scenes, animation or images from this popular service. A useful service for the Web community.

Banner World - Over 1000 blank banners, just add text.

Jason's Animation Outpost - Comprehensive free graphics animations site, with lots of content organized by categories, which include animals, people, buttons, bars, arrows, balls, cartoons, construction, email, space, signs, vehicles, new, welcome, other, 3D, neon and holiday-related stuff.

MichaelWeb - Excellent Swedish site with free graphics and free fonts. The graphics are excellent for Web page usage and include animations, backgrounds, buttons, bullet points and lines & bars.

Yak's Grafx - Lots of graphics goodies here, including buttons, bars, lines, balls, banners and tips & tricks. The site is updated weekly and custom graphics are available

For Free - If you've enrolled in a banner service, you're gonna need art for your banner. This is a good place to go to get FREE banner art. Just fill out a form here and you're good to go.

Free Graphics - Lots of free graphics here, with a good fantasy clipart collection.

Web GraFX-FX - At last count, this site contained over 7,000 GIF animated files.

Free video & audio for your Web page - Free software for non-commercial use to create video and audio on demand on your Web pages. Doesn't require a plugin or helper application to view. Doesn't need any server software to be loaded.

The Museum of Counter Art -
GraphX Kingdom - There's a huge assortment of images, a site search engine, assistance for beginners, and lots of links to helpful resources here. You can view any of the myriad graphics before you download or you can save time by retrieving the files in Zipped form. In all, there's over 2,500 images here, conveniently sorted by subject category.

The Alien Cursor Page - Animated Alien-themed cursors for Windows 95. Liven up your hourglass with this cool freeware.

Web Grafx - This site serves up more than 6,000 graphics, including animated GIFs, icons, fonts, bullets, arrows and bars. There's also HTML help and a scanning service.

Iconz Icons- If you're in the need for some icons, check out this huge (almost 800) collection. This site also offers arrows, buttons, backgrounds, lines, bullets and 3-D letters.

Internet Gallery - A graphics depot from Microsoft that includes rules, icons, buttons, bullets, animals, and machines(?), as well as Java and Active X.

The Banner Generator- If you subscribe to a banner service, you'll need to make up a banner, which this site provides for free. Check out these examples.

Over the Rainbow - Lots of cool hand-painted backgrounds, rainbows, textures, wallpapers, banners, transparent text page titles, and more. Backgrounds here are "well-known for being text-friendly."

Pattern Land - A huge archive of background pattern tiles you can use on your site. You may browse the archives via two methods, picture and name.

SchoolHouse Mac - Free educational clipart and lesson plan samples for educators and parents.

Animation City - Free image, word and wire frame animations here. Cool stuff.

Mike's Index to Free Animated Gifs - Almost 1,000 images here. For personal use only.

Brown Bag Graphics - - Free animations, background images and fancy horizontal lines.

Net User's Web Art Library - - Lots of images from artists around the world. They ask that you link back to them if you use their stuff on your page.

Debbie's A Card - - This site offers great custom-drawn cartoon critters for your Web pages. Use of these images only requires that you link to the site.

Animation Grove - Lots of cool GIF animations from the very talented Debbie Gill. Usage requires linkback.

Icon Browser, - Lots o' icons here. Outstanding, well-organized site from Italy.

Image-O-Rama - - Lines, bullets, buttons, "mini GIFS" and animated GIFs here. The page's author says "you may want to link to my credits page to give credit to authors whose images you may have used."

Jim's Cool Icon Page - - Lots o' icons here, including marbles, chicklets, planets, nameplates, light-emitting diodes, phongy tubes, floppy diskettes, etc. Free for personal use.

Laurie McCanna's Free Art Site - Lots of icons of various types. Linkback required. Art is available for downloading in ZIP form.

Christian Webmaster Graphics Gallery - - Lots of free stuff here, including images of Jesus, crosses, angels, Christmas, as well as icons, bars, backgrounds, etc.

Free Graphics Store, The - - Bi-weekly selection of graphics that you can download for free. Big Australian site that offers graphics, software, font & typography resources, a browser-safe color chart, Webmaster resources, Javascript and CGI stuff. Contemporary graphics, backgrounds, icons, bullets, animations, lines, pointers & rules and strip backgrounds.

Graf/x Zone - Eye-catching site, with 3-D rendered stuff. Also: textures, buttons and graphics. Linkback required.

Pattern Land - - Over 500 background patterns for your Web pages. Fully tiled pages available for each image. Wide selection.

Get a Byte Graphics -- Lots of backgrounds here for your Web site from Jennifer Johnson. Also Web designers' resources.

Clip Art Warehouse -Thousands of clipart images for your site. Most are totally free. If you use `em on your page, this site requires a linkback. Great site from Great Britain.

Neon City -If you want something special for your Web site, check out this great page that features hundreds of flashing neon signs, arrows, words and tubes. They look like real neon and are eye-catching!

Spooky Graphics - Are you into spooky, scary stuff? Are witches, Dracula, gravestones and things that go bump in the night your idea of a good time? Then click over to this hauntingly cool site. There's all type of graphics here: big and small, icons, and neat animations.

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